3 years ago

These are going to a make great centerpiece for my coffee table.

Remember to think outside the box.

Items provided by Etsy Shop: lacklusterco. Make sure you check her shop out.

3 years ago

I do not know how I am going to work this into my next event but god willing I am going to try!

I love Etsy!

3 years ago

Etsy Huntin: Centerpiece Inspirations

This would go great with my vintage game centerpiece idea. Etsy rocks!

Do you have any unique centerpiece ideas?

3 years ago
Inspirational Websites
  • So I wanted to ask my fellow Special Event and Wedding Coordinators what sites they use for inspiration. I have posted which sites I use but I do not want to become a "One Note" as the saying goes. So I want to get suggestions for interesting sites out there that you use for inspiration.
  • Also, you do not need to be an Event Planner to make suggestions, I find inspiration in the most unique places. So if you are an artist and have a favorite site, or even location, please feel free to make suggestions.
  • I look forward to hearing your feed back.
  • Remember, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places!
3 years ago

So I just purchased one of my previous posts from this great Etsy.com shop and I decided that I needed to show you my next centerpiece idea from Joanne’s shop at shavingkitsuppplies

I think this is a really unique concept for a bride who is not your “Typical” bride.

Please check her shop out.

3 years ago

Try using an item that would not normally be used as a centerpiece and pair it with a couple of other unique pieces and you have an instant statement.

3 years ago

This makes me want to plan an urban style event. Something that takes ordinary things we see everyday and make people see them in a different light.

I love this image. Well done.


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