2 years ago

This is such a great idea for someone who is throwing a Dr. Seuss themed event! I know I am going to do a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Christmas Party this year!

Courtesy of http://www.homemadeginger.com.

2 years ago

I cannot believe that I have not made an event related post in so long. So here I go.

For your next event, try doing something other than a floral arrangement. Be original and unique.

Image courtesy of http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com.

2 years ago

Photo on the left is via edward and jillian| a wedding at the folly - home - lane dittoe fine art wedding photography, back in August.

Photo on the right is from one of my posts back in April, nice to know that I am not alone in using unique items for centerpieces. Cool!

3 years ago

These are going to a make great centerpiece for my coffee table.

Remember to think outside the box.

Items provided by Etsy Shop: lacklusterco. Make sure you check her shop out.

3 years ago

These would make a great addition to a Sea Inspired event. I know I always say it, but try to find items that most people would not think of as a “Typical” centerpiece and you will achieve a memorable event.

3 years ago

So a few days ago I posted these really unique “Moss Covered Birds” well I just found these along with some other animals.

Check out Save-On-Crafts.com, they have some really great items at really reasonable prices!

3 years ago

These little moss covered birds are really cool, I want to try and work them into my next centerpiece design.

Do you have any unique items you want to see used as a centerpiece?

3 years ago

Etsy Huntin: Centerpiece Inspirations

This would go great with my vintage game centerpiece idea. Etsy rocks!

Do you have any unique centerpiece ideas?

This makes me want to have an event where the design concept is vintage games.

What are your thoughts?

3 years ago

So I am looking at West Elm and am finding some great items. Make sure you always keep your eyes open for unique pieces and websites. You never know when something is going to jump out at you, take these craft flowers! A great way to add a little unexpected fun to your wedding.

3 years ago

I love using difference vases for centerpieces. Using all one color but different shapes is a great way to add interest without looking too busy.

I absolutely love Apothecary Jars. I know it is a bit over used as a centerpiece, but I still love them.

I know many people would never consider using this as a centerpiece item, but I think it is such a unique piece that would add a touch of whimsey.

3 years ago

I really like the simplicity that these could bring to a some what modern wedding/event.

I really like these little Mercury Glass Birds. I do not know what kind of centerpiece I would make out of them but they certainly have my creative mind ticking!

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