3 years ago

Etsy Hunting:

These would work great for a vintage library inspired event. You could make the invites with them or do something with a napkin ring. The possibilities are limitless.

Like I always say, think outside the norm!

Item provided by Etsy Shop: everyeskimo. Check it out.

3 years ago

So my marketing department finally got our 6th Annual MainStreet Stride video published to Youtube. My inspiration for this year’s Stride was a Vintage Pinball Machine.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

MainstreetStride 2010 - Invitation (by uofcincinnati)

3 years ago

Hello All,

So here is what my marketing looks like for this years MainStreet Stride. I really like how it turned out. My Marketing department is great, I can go to them with the most random inspiration and they are able to interpret it and produce exactly what I want.

(Source: uc.edu)

3 years ago

My aunt ordered these for my sister’s bridal shower. They turned out great, and so unique.

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