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Of course, I am always happy follow those who post great art!

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I love this video. Vintage design can be so incredibly inspiring! 

I highly agree!

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Wow, I love your blog. So many great posts. I would be crazy not to follow!

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“What would you like to do if money were not an object?” -Alan Watts

To say that you were not moved by this would be to say that you have no heart.

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JacobvanLoon.com giveaway contest

The prize: 
This is a surface texture photo taken of Madison & Kohlhase, a painting I finished in 2011. This photo was taken of a section on the finished surface, which has been a theme in the documentation of my work for a few years now. 

The photograph is printed at 8x10” on glossy archival paper, and comes framed.

To enter
To be eligible to win this print, you must:
1. Reblog this post, intact
2. Promote both jacobvanloon.com and blog.jacobvanloon.com in a post on your website (not exclusive to Tumblr), and submit the post url to me for verification. 

The contest closes Tuesday, December 25 at 11:59p. The winner will be announced here and contacted directly. Good luck and enjoy! 

Oh I hope I win!!

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This is such a great idea for someone who is throwing a Dr. Seuss themed event! I know I am going to do a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Christmas Party this year!

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Got some great items from the Burlington Antique Fair today! They look great in my American Can loft!

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I try not to re-blog too many things, but this is such a great alternative to the standard centerpiece!


DIY Pegboard Centerpiece and Ombre Plasti Dip Silverware from Style Me Pretty here. There is a tutorial for the dipped silverware (and better yet, if you don’t like it, the plastic coating peels off). *Also there is an article on these projects on the Home Depot site with cost saving ideas and prices for the materials used here. Photography by Jasmine Star for Style Me Pretty. More Plasti-Dip posts here.

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So instead of the typical floral centerpiece, why not try a push pop arrangement! This is a great idea for a modern bride who wants something original. This idea also works for other events as well.

Remember, always look for the unusual! Following this simple rule will ensure your event is a success.

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So a good friend of mine and her boyfriend love to ride their bikes and they want to incorporate this shared love in their wedding. So they asked me to come up with a unique, but not overt, idea and this instantly came to mind. Using two or three of these wheels to hang place cards is a great way of discreetly showing their love for cycling.

Remember, always look for the unusual! Following this simple rule will ensure your event is a success.

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I cannot believe that I have not made an event related post in so long. So here I go.

For your next event, try doing something other than a floral arrangement. Be original and unique.

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I know I have not posted in a while but it is because I am trying to get my new place in order. What do you think so far?

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